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Back in the days

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Got any unique or interesting stories about first experiances in archery?

Before I new anything about yardage or safety I saw that old rusty chevy truck out in the field that was soon heading toward the junkyard.I could not resist taking a shot with an easton PC cuz I hated the outserts to see if I could put a dent in the door.I got the shot of smooth but I must have missjudged the yardage and windage cuz that arrow stuck right through the plastic gas tank.She did leak but I was lucky I had no kinetic energy to sink it past the outsert.So I broke it off and left the outsert to stop the gas from flowin faster.
I would do things differant now.I should have known that gas was going to be so expensive and I should have drained that tank for future use.

I still may not know much about archery or even starting threads with good topics.But I been talkin to myself a lot lately so I thought I would write a few words.