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Back tension......

You need to use back tension in any form of shooting....If you are not using it, you will be a better shooter once you start and you get it down. Using back tension will keep you from collapsing or creeping forward just before the release of the arrow, which will cause all kinds of accuracy problems. If you want to get serious with finger shooting you should invest a little money into a clicker. It tells you when you can relax and let the shot go. It sits over your arrow and as you pull past the clicker it falls off the tip of the point and makes an audible click, and the arrow is released. I have found it easiest to keep pulling from start of draw to release to keep the tension in your shot. If you stop as you anchor, it is difficult to start the movement again. Try to feel your self pulling through the shot in your elbow, if that makes sence! Hope this helps!:D .............................PUG
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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