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As a parent of two small boys myself, I believe that the youth are the future of our sport. We want to get as many youth involved as we can and we want to help make this possible by providing one child a complete bowfishing setup to help pave the way for another life long bowfisherman.

That's my oldest boy Hudson in the picture He's definitely got it in his blood!

Here's the rules:
Children or their parents, mentors, etc can submit one story along with pictures, video, whatever you like about a bowfishing experience for a child age 13 or under. This can be a first bowfishing trip, biggest fish, whatever they think is memorable. Contest will run April 1st through July 31st and a winner will be chosen then. Winner will be featured on our website and 2009 catalog. Just email your stories and pictures to [email protected] and if you have video you can mail it in to us on a DVD.

One lucky child will win all of the following!
One Browning Barracuda or Discovery Bow
AMS Retriever Pro Reel
One 5 pk. of AMS Safety Slides
Two Muzzy Carp Tip Arrows
Two Muzzy Gar Tip Arrows
Two Cajun Piranha Yellowjacket Arrows
One Cajun Extreme Loop Rest
One Muzzy Bowfishing Hat
One Backwater Bowfishing T-Shirt
5 Muzzy 5” Impale a Scale Decals
2 Muzzy 10” Impale A Scale Decals
Two Bowfishing Videos from River’s Edge Productions
Two Videos from the Campbell Outdoor Challenge
One Season 1 Video Series from the Aim Low Bowfishing Journals

Thanks to all of our great bowfishing companies who helped make this possible:

Backwater Bowfishing
Muzzy Products
AMS Bowfishing
Cajun Archery
Aim Low Productions
Rivers Edge Productions
Campbell Outdoor Challenge

You can download the flyer at

If you have any questions please let us know and good luck. Now get out and take those kids bowfishing!


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