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I went and test drove a couple new bows today.

I shot the new Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo and Faktor Turbo and had a question on the reaction of the bow after the shot. Neither bow had a stabilizer. And both bows had the same whisker biscuit rest thrown on them before shooting.

The Carbon Turbo felt dead in my hand but would kick to the right after the shot. The arrows shot in the target also had the nock kicked to the right.

The Faktor Turbo had a little bit hand vibe compared to the dead feeling of the Carbon Turbo. But otherwise felt great at the shot. The Faktor did not kick to the right like the Carbon Turbo. The arrows were straight on in the target.

The Z5 cam in both felt great!

My question is what would cause the Carbon Turbo to kick right at the shot? Is that a result of a rest issue not being close to center shot? Or is a bow torque issue? It just has me puzzled. If the rest isn't lined up with the center shot will it cause the bow to react in the direction it is misaligned in?
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