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Bare Shaft Indicates Stiff Spine

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I had my bow setup by my local shop when I bought it but was getting some erratic groups. I’ve just started bare shaft tuning to try to figure out what’s up and found 2 problems: bare shafts were hitting target angled downward (moved rest up 1/32” and they hit straight now), and left of my fletched shafts. The Easton guide says the second problem is a stiff spine and recommends a handful of remedies: decrease the spring tension in the rest, go down a size in arrow spine, turn up draw weight slightly, or add weight up front. I’ve already tried increasing my draw weight by ~5 lbs and no difference. My next move is to turn down the spring tension in my rest and/or add some weight up front on my arrows. I’d really like to avoid getting a weaker spined arrow if I can. Bare shafts hit about 3 inches left of fletched

Setup: Hoyt Ventum Pro 30, 65#/28.0” with Hamskea Hybrid Hunter.
Black Eagle renegades 27.0” with 12 grain wrap, 3 blazer vanes helical fletched and 125 gr field point. Arrow weight is 502 gr with 14% FOC.

Has anyone had any luck tweaking these variables to get a better result?
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I’m still super new to tuning on my own. How do I set center shot and what am I measuring 13/16” from?
Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to check out the center shot and update after.
Got it sorted (minus the one I punched the trigger on lol). Thanks for all the help y’all!
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