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Barebow 10 round 300 scoring

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Hi all, I am pretty new to the barebow world and shooting for competition in general. Yesterday I shot for scoring for the first time and I scored 218/300. Now I realize this is just practice and a comp will be a lot more stressful and harder but I am curious what is a decent score for someone who has been shooting a couple months and what I should aim for at a short term first goal? Thanks!
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Here is my approach to this

If you are able to shoot 218, your next goal should be to shoo 219. In archery, the only person you are actually competing with is yourself. If you start worrying about what other people are scoring you end up loosing focus on what's important which is executing every shot perfectly.

If you concentrate on always trying to be better than your past self, scoring higher than other people will happen all by itself
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