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Assuming that you have a bit of nock right, and nock high - correct? The pictures are a little confusing, I'm basing my assumption on the bottom pic. If so, two different ways to fix:

No press:
To address the nock right, move rest away from the riser. To address the nock high, lower the nock point or raise the arrow rest. Make sure you are not under spined. A flexy arrow will often shoot nock high out of todays fast bows.

Have a press:
Set up centershot per the bow spec and run through the center or upper center of the berger holes. Then twist strings if you have yokes or shim CAMS if you do not. To clean up the nock right, put a twist in the right leg yokes or if no yokes, push the CAM or CAMS to the right.

To clear up nock high. If you are using a drop away, make sure the rest is timed properly. Make sure you are not under spined. Make sure you are not getting nock pinch, especially if shooting a short ATA bow. Then make sure your CAMS are timed properly, you need a draw board for precise measurements. Make sure your limb/cable stops are hitting at the same time. Sometimes, even if everything is in spec, you will have to bump the rest up a hair.
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