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Basics of aiming?

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Ive been shooting for 2 years and kinda need some schooling still. What are the principals and steps for properly aiming at a target?
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Do you have a good group or all of the place. Anchoring is very important. You want to duplicate the same thing over and over. Form if your interested in study the pros at full draw. Search for pics and look at hand placement and how both hands lineup with each other. Also see were there draw elbow is it and were it is pointing.

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Aiming at a target, what works best for MOST is to focus on the spot you want to hit. Dont get caught up in trying to get your pin to set still, just stare into the spot and look thru your pin as though its not there. Once you get used to it, you will start to notice that the arrow tends to go where you are focused. To do this consistently you have to have a consistant anchor which is a big part of repeatability. breathe slowly and shoot while exhaling as well and you will become steadier. you have to learn to accept the fact that there is NO way to hold perfectly steady. Let the pin float on the spot and dont worry that its not super still.

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