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Bear Alaskan/Resurgence limb alignment problem

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I recently bought a Bear Resurgence. While setting it up I wasn't able to tune out a tail left tear. My whisker biscuit and drop away rests both produced the same results. Then I noticed that the limbs were significantly offset. I took a picture with a couple of straight edges (arrows in this case) against the riser to illustrate. You can compare the yellow lines which are parallel with the riser edges and centerline with the light blue lines drawn between the inside edges of the limbs. The yellow lines are parallel. It's just the camera angle that's making them look like they're not, but they do provide a necessary reference point. I estimate that this limb offset is causing the string to sit about 1/4" to the right of where it should be.

I tried to fix this by backing out the limb bolts until the cables were loose and removed the cable guard and slide. Then I straightened out the limbs and tightened the limb bolts to about 40lbs. I reattached the cable guard and slide, increased to 50lbs and verified that the limbs were still straight. My first shot through paper was nearly a bullet hole. The second shot was tail left by half an inch. With subsequent shots I'm back to the persistent 1" tail left tear. The limbs moved back into the original offset position to the right; the obvious cause being the force generated by the cables from the slide/guard.

Does anyone know a remedy for the slop in the limb bolt/cup/pocket? There's just enough play in the system on this bow that allows the limbs to be pulled to the side by the cables and sit crooked. The bow is certainly shootable, but that tail left tear is super-irritating! I want bullet holes, lol! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. I'm pretty good at tuning binary cam bows. I've owned five so far and have never had a problem getting bullet holes with any of them. Thanks again!

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You are probably right, Ledbeter. I sent them pictures and Bear has offered to repair the bow. The top cam is so far from where it should be that I don't really want to do anything until this is fixed. I took this picture with the camera lined up with the center plane of the riser:
View attachment 7626020

The cam is offset by about 3/16" but you can see that the back part of the cam lines up almost perfectly with the center of the riser. If I were to adjust the cam lean with the yoke to get the string aligned within spec centershot, the cam would lean away from the cable rest! I'm almost certain that would cause the string to derail.

I'm waiting to hear back from Bear to see what the shipping charges will be.
Did you ever get this sorted. I have an Alaskan I’m ready to thrown in he trash because of a left tear i cannot remedy. I can yoke tune it out in paper but down range my arrows are fly all over the place.
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