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Tried to get my wife into bowhunting, but no luck. This bow has been shot maybe 20 times. Package includes:

Bear Apprentice 2 Bow
2-piece Quiver
Trophy Ridge Sight
Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest
TruBall Shooter Release
Pine Ridge Archery Sawtooth Stabilizer
Neon Green Wrist Sling
6 Bass Pro BlackOut X5 Envy Carbon Arrows, size 400 and cut to 23 1/2" (carbon-to-carbon)
6 Field Points
6 100-grain Muzzy Broadheads (never even shot)

All together, I've got about $475 in this setup.

$300 TYD for the complete package
$200 TYD for bow, rest, and sight

Bear Bow.jpg Bear Bow 2.jpg Bear Bow 3.jpg Bear Bow 4.jpg Bear Bow 5.jpg
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