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Bear grizzly worth

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My cousin just inherited a Bear Grizzly recurve from our great uncle, not trying to sell just curious what it might be worth, I don't have pics or any way to put pics on here, but the bow is in pristine condition. He has recently put new string on it, it's green and light brown with the Bear medallion on the outside of the shelf. not sure the year it was made but our uncle purchased the bow int early 70's or late 60's any input appreciated,thanks in advance.happy shooting.
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Just type in the search line "Bear Recurve bow" that will get the best results.

Look on the risor, there should be what looks like hand writing on it near the lower limb.

The first set of digits is the serial number & if it has a number first "like #9" then that was the year it was made "1969" if the digit is a K then it was made in the 1970's.
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