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Lowered expectations
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You got most of it right.

Most of these bows are shot with a rug-type rest with a leather side plate. But you can use a simple plastic/rubber flipper rest (especially if you want touse plastic vanes on yourarrows), just making sure that the arrow has some sort of side plate and doesn't rub against the bow itself.

String should be 12-14 strand Dacron, 56" unstretched. It will stretch about an inch under tension. Or you could use 57" Fastflite if you're willing to risk it. (I do on my Bears).

Check it over thoroughly for cracks and warps and other damage. If it's in good condition it should be good to shoot.

You can find it's age from the serial number, but you'll have to do some more digging. Try for a starting point.

As for the value, there are a lot for sale on eBay, so look there for an idea. I'd guess they go for $100-125 if in good shape. More if in excellent condition.
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