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Bear Species RTH or Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

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Bear Species VS Diamond Infinite Edge Pro - opinions?

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Hi all. I hope I'm posting this in the right sub-forum. I did some searches, and couldn't find a comparisson. My apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere. Seemed like the right spot to me.

Hoping to get feedback on these two bows; as I'm having a really tough time deciding. I know the best way is to get them in your hands and try them. Unfortunately we are in a full lockdown in Ontario, so, that's not an option. But I would love to start the hobby while in the lockdown (lots of free time).

I'm new to archery. Left eye dominant, but, right handed. Looking for a lefty compound bow. My draw is about 28.5". Since I'm going to be learning to shoot non-dominant hand, I figure I'll need to start lighter draw weight (50-55ish lbs) and work my way up as I build strength and form. I did also break my left collarbone about a year ago. It is healed, but, I lost some strength on that side. So, I really have no idea what weight I can draw on that side. Will only be shooting target. Looking to get into the hobby with my daughter.

Any opinions on Bear Species RTH vs Diamond Infinite Edge Pro? Both are available to me at basically the same price with similar accessories. The Diamond is a lot more adjustable, which is nice for me as a beginner. The Bear is single cam with 6.75" brace, and 31" ATA. The Diamond is dual cam with 7" brace and 31" ATA. The bear only goes down to 55lb draw which I'm sure would be fine shooting right; but not sure if it will cause any issues on my non-dominant side. Again, basically the same price for both options with similar accessories. Just reaching out to the experts for opinions.

Thanks in advance! And again; sorry if this is the wrong section for this post.
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The Species is actually a really good bow for the price IMO. I'd buy one LONG before an Infinite Edge.

I wouldn't own an Infinite Edge if you gave me one for free personally. One of the worst style cam systems with stretchy cables and haphazardly assembled bows from the factory. You change draw length on it and the cams come out of time. You set the right amount of prelean on the cams, then one of the cables drags on the string stop. The lightweight riser is ridiculously thin and flexes/torques quite a bit under higher draw weights. The cable guard is not adjustable and sometimes you fight fletching clearance with some rests unless you push the centershot way out, then the bow won't tune well. It's just not a good bow.

The Species has a lot to offer more. If you can afford a little more money, I'd even consider a PSE Stinger Max with the S3DA cam (55# peak only though) or the new Bear Whitetail Hunter. They both are single cams with an optional limb stop, giving a much more solid back wall.

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I can speak for the Bear Species, as I have one myself.

It is my first bow, and I love it. It is very smooth, although I don't have anything else to compare it to. It has great adjustability. You can change the draw length without a bow press.
Also you get really good accessories for the price. The strings are actually pretty good on it, not very much stretching.
It holds very steady and is quiet. My only complaint is that the d-loop that comes with it is very long and does not last as long as some other types of material.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro:
Its cool how adjustable it is, but one of the big problems with the super adjustable bows like the Infinite Edge is that it is very hard to tune, and the cams come out of time easy. The back wall on DW adjustable bows is usually softer, I don't know how it is in comparison to the Species.

I would choose the Species again, I actually watched tons of youtube videos on the Bear Species and Infinite Edge just to figure out which one I would like more. Your best bet is to try shooting both in the shop if they offer both and decide which one you like more. Both bows are really good for the price, but I think Bear has the low-budget better quality thing down.

Good luck!

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Thanks all. I actually just ordered the Species this morning. The only hesitation I had was not being able to get to a shop to try bows, because of COVID lockdown in Ontario, the shops are all curbside pickup or shipping only. Because I'm going to be shooting offhand, and because I broke the collarbone on that side a year ago; I was worried I might not be able to pull 55#, which is the lowest it goes (they don't sell the 45-60 at the shop that has it $200 off for black Friday). I think it should be fine though. Research suggests
most mid sized males pull 55-65. So...fingers crossed! Thanks for the feedback :)
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