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For Sale:

Complete Hunting Archery Package and all good stuff!

Bear Truth II, complete with 5 pin sight, trophy taker arrow rest, wrist sling, carry sling, Plano hardcase, Fuse 12" stabiliser, Fuse wrist/finger release, 10 Easton FMJ Nano's 400 30.5" and a few other bits and bobs.

The bow is used but in good condition, everything is welcome to be checked over........ only selling because I shoot solely traditional these days. Its is set at 30" & 60# but can be easily adjusted lighter and shorter if needed. Inexpensive Modules would be needed for a shorter draw.
I will get pictures up later or send them via email on request

$550 + postage at cost

Also 12 Carbon Express Heritage 350 built with white 4" shield feathers R/W helical and 31" long (no points) shot only a couple of times (WAY too stiff - was sold a lemon!)

$75 delivered to Canada (+ difference anywhere else)

In Kamloops B.C.
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