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beefing up

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I got my bow today, its sweet, but I found that its hard for me to pull back. I can do it, but its hard

Got any exercise tips for beefing up enough to do it? ;)
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its at the min: 55. I can do it with fingers, but it seems so much harder with a release.
yeah, We got it because I can do 50 easy enough, and it was such a good deal,

Its at 55, and I thought I could do it, guess not. Not yet at least. I dont plan to go hunting anytime SOON, so its not too bad
hmmm, Ill look into that.


I like the release I have, and I dont have much money, so I was wondering if I can just get the glove part, and move the release from the wrist strap to the glove?
OK! I figured out what was wrong :D

Apparantly, it's not too much. I just wasnt using my back. Once I figured that out, Im golden.

Ill still look into the glove release though :rolleyes:

1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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