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Before the string change...for Martin Pros

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Just for take a max of info

I want to change my string set for a Vapor Trail set...

It has one and a half year of use...

But before receive and mount the set, i have question on my cam position and the string and cable on my slide...

first the pics of the M-Pro...semms to be over on's normal or it must be centered??


Now the pics of the string line:

And now my slide...i think that i have bad reinstalled yoke it's a little damaged...due to this age?? or bad mount??

For the cam i have received my bow with the actual cam position...and a friend saber has a same position...

Thanks for your answers

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If I understand your picture right, your guide is also wrong. The cable should always be closest to the center of the bow. There is not exception here on single cam bows. Hybrid bows should also observe this rule. The yoke or split cable should always be closest to center. You probably can just reverse the slide. I would adjust this first before twisting the cable legs.

You probably need to adjust your idler wheel lean. The cam lean should follow. I can see this in the picture of the split yoke at the top. Take all the twisting out of the window side of the cable leg. The set a straight edge on the face of the idler wheel. It should be parallel to the string. It this is not enough you will need to added twisting to the other leg until the string is parallel to the straight edge.

Note: Assuming the main cable is twisted clockwise from it's end, add your leg twisting clockwise from it's end. This should keep the main cable from over twisting the Y. If you twist the legs opposite of the main cable, then the main cable will over twist the Y.

This has nothing to do with the bow being a Martin. All single cams bows have this same setup proceedure.

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Hummmmm...i will try to english is not perfect (^^)

If i have my slide bar in this position it's for 2 reason:

the first, i shoot with Bazer Vanes and i don't want the balzer touches my strings.
The second, i have a strange loss of peak weight compared with technical setting (58 lbs maxed out and with my linbs i can hope to reach to 65/68 lbs max out)

my idler weel lean is correct and i have do a test with my slider, on all other position, my cable and my string are rub...

Thank for all
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