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Aloha AT users,

I've been interested in archery for some time and have finally decided that it's time to start. I've read on the forums that it is key to get some early lessons to avoid improper form and anguish down-the-line. Is there a fellow AT user who teaches near Captain Cook, HI or Honaunau, HI or someone that has advice on where to go closeby? I'd like to not have to drive all the way to Kona for lessons and I certainly don't think I can hack it solo.

I'm interested in both bowhunting and target shooting. There is a lot of wild game that happens upon my farm in Honaunau and I have plenty of space for my own target range when I'm ready. I was wanting the simplicity of learning on a long bow or recurve before I even begin to decide what is best for me. That seems to be what most members have suggested for other beginners. Thanks in advance and aloha!

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