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Best V-bar setup for BH class and B-stinger??

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I want to try out the balance of using a v-bar since it is now legal in BHFS class.
I figure if the two back weight bars can offset the forward weight it might feel good??
Any input would be appreciated.
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v set ups vary greatly on the bow and the shooter preference. I really doubt there is a wealth of experience of guys with B stinger v bar combos, so why dont you blaze a trail for us:darkbeer:

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Since the BHFS ruling, I've experimented with a few different b-stinger/v-bar combinations. The setup I like the most (so far) is adding the Doinker Uni-bar offset mount between the b-stinger and the bow.

Combined with a well-chosen side stabilizer, you can counter-balance your sight very nicely and the tip of the b-stinger is still within 12" (just barely).

If you're shooting a Hoyt, another setup which works well if you're really interested in counter balancing the b-stinger itself is the AEP Hoyt v-bar setup ( sorry, I have no link for this ). It mounts through the threaded hole below and beneath the grip, is extremely adjustable, and allows the use of one or two stabs of your choice. Two 8.5" b-stinger bars would be a very cool setup.

I'm shooting both of these setups, on different bows, and they both work very well. Hope this helps
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