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Getting a new bow and would like to know proper way to select the right arrow.
It sound like there could be some trail and error to get the perfect arrow specs for a particular bow.
When buying a new bow how can I really tell if the arrow is correct spine or not?
Should I just reference a chart or would it be better if I tried the OT2 thing ?
Then , how do I know if the charts or program determined the right arrow anyway ?
Especially with a new bow that may not be in perfect tune when picked up at the shop.

I guess the question is:
CAn i just pick an arrow from the chart / program , buy a dozen , and be confident that the arrow will be correct.

Oh , I already have the broadhead brand and weight ( 100gr montecs )
and know what fletch I want to try ( blazers )


Factory arrow charts are a starting point.

Take a look at
Download the free trial of OnTarget2! archery software.

You want to demo the Shaft Selector version.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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