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Best womans arrow to use?

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What carbon arrow would you recommend for a womans bow at 35-40 lbs and a 23" DL? What spine would you get and also which size whisker biscuit do I need to order? This will possibly be going on a left hand Matthews Ignition 30-40 lbs. I was thinking the small biscuit would work
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My wife shoots a Mathews Mustang at 40 lbs w/a 23"dl and a Muzzy dropaway. I got her set up w/ Easton Axis 500's tipped w/ G5 Strikers and she killed her first bow buck this year "A 126" P&Y" and three does over the last two years and it has work awesomely.


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X2.....just gave her a dozen for valentines day. Buy the entrada's and cut from both ends
I am a shop owner and I shoot Victory 22 V5 and my wife shoots Entrada 600's. I cut from both ends and square both ends. I can shoot ANY arrow I want and I shoot the cheaper ones to make a point ! I have won the last two 3D shoots and my wife is rarely out of the top 3. The point is most people CANNOT tell the difference in the arrows. My wife shot a 40 yard 6 arrow group today that you stick in a dixie cup! (and that was with entrada's)
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