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Beware of a Scam

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Just and FYI for members on an experience I had recently. I had 2 bows for sale here and on another site. I get an email from a fellow asking me if the bow was still for sale. I answered back asking him which one as I had 2 for sale.

Hey then inquires about both and asks for pictures when I had them up already but OK emailed them off. The fellow explained he was a US person working right now in the UK for a gas and oil company. He emails me back saying he will take both bows, one for him and one a a co-worker wants. Seemed a little fishy too quick a sale, did not ask any questions as most do etc etc. He asked for my address as he was going to send a US Money order to me and even arrange to have the bows picked up and shipped himself when all had cleared.

I waited a good month with no payment and an email once a week only as he claimed he was out of the office asking me if the payment arrived etc. Well after a month I was tired of that and sold the bows to others and emailed him saying I had been more than patient and the bows were now gone. Since that email I have never heard from him since which prooves 110% is was a scam. If he was real he would have been contacting me as the money was sent right ? RIGHT !. and would have wanted it back.

Just beware people as there are still scammers out there. His emails came in under the name Steve Sandler and email address [email protected]
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Google is your friend. Use the cache links for the pages that may be moved, or gone, to read about this person.
Bigmoss said:
Those links from Google are dead or not found but I see the fine print under each topic.
Which is why I noted to use Google's cache links for the pages that may be moved, or gone. The cache links allow you to read the page, as it was cached on that day by Google. :)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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