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Big buck out tof pop up blind??

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I have a pop up blind but never use it. I hunt only out of tree stands. If you have had success out of one of these let me know. I have set it up but it spooks deer. It doesnt make them bolt but they just walk away from it. I feel you would have to at least let it stand out someplace for at least a month for the deer to get use to it. Anybody have a winning formula for using a ground blind? Sometimes there isnt any trees big enough for a stand.:eek:

Browning eclipse fps.
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The best way I've found through trial and error is just as stated above find a bushy tree and cut enough of the low limbs to fit the blind in. Then brush it in. I have cedars on the property I hunt, they're great for setting up pop up's since they're always thick and green and I believe they help mask your scent. I passed on over a dozen deer last season on 5 different same day sets.
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