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Big buck out tof pop up blind??

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I have a pop up blind but never use it. I hunt only out of tree stands. If you have had success out of one of these let me know. I have set it up but it spooks deer. It doesnt make them bolt but they just walk away from it. I feel you would have to at least let it stand out someplace for at least a month for the deer to get use to it. Anybody have a winning formula for using a ground blind? Sometimes there isnt any trees big enough for a stand.:eek:

Browning eclipse fps.
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depends on where you are hunting. i use a turkey style three sided ground blind that i shoot over the top of. (only because my draw length is over 32" and i dont fit well in one. just feel cramped). in illinois i will set it up on a drop off to a ravine looking down where i can stand and shoot down after i am out of their line of site. i also use them at a public hunting area in south central texas along the coast where there are no real trees to speak of. even a 6ft tripod has you sticking out like a spotlight. just find a trail and walk it till you find a concentration of rubs and scrapes and setup in the thickest cover nearby. that is a no options area to hunt so that is the only setup available with no trees anywhere. also in south texas brush country you cant even see the deer till they are on top of you so i set up in an excellent ambush point where they cant see you till you see them then it is a matter of reflexes. i all like to rattle them in this way because i can rake the trees and stomp the ground and make as much racket as possible and still have a refuge to peak from behind. in ohio i will set up just inside crop edges and by the time they see it it is too late. in louisisiana or any where that there is a river i set it up along the river bank. many people use dogs in southern states. the deer get to the rivers to try to dissapear. then they just get used to using the river bank as a travel route. find a washout halfway up where you can shoot to the river bank and set up in some tangled driftwood. be careful of snakes and gators and even beavers like this. all of this has given me great success in the situations described. i always have a ground blind, a climber, a hang on and at least two tripods. the ground blind is by far the easiest.

i do things a little different. i never leave a stand out. even if i hunt in morning and plan to hunt the same location in evening i take it out and set it back up later. i might leave it after evening hunt if i planned to hunt there in morning. but i never leave em up. even if they get used to it they always look at it as a danger so they will generally look in it. hard to draw on spooky animals when they keep peeking at you. i would rather get a stand that is easier to set up than a harder one that i have to leave out. i think if a monster ever sees it he will change his pattern to avoid it for a very long time. i know that if it is with me then no way he can see it unless i am fixing to let it fly. hope that helps. my two scents.
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i know its boring not being able to see anything but dont make any kind of alley. it will spook them. they are there every day and any change will affect them. for best success hunker down and be ready. and if they look at you dont freeze. game is already over just keep drawing and find your spot. grunt like a deer and they will hang around for the few seconds you need.
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