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Big buck out tof pop up blind??

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I have a pop up blind but never use it. I hunt only out of tree stands. If you have had success out of one of these let me know. I have set it up but it spooks deer. It doesnt make them bolt but they just walk away from it. I feel you would have to at least let it stand out someplace for at least a month for the deer to get use to it. Anybody have a winning formula for using a ground blind? Sometimes there isnt any trees big enough for a stand.:eek:

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I've found that deer seem to freak out a bit more about the "black hole" or window of the blind. Make sure the blind you use features a window system that allows you to use shoot through mesh to cover up those windows eliminating those black holes. As for turkey, the black hole dosen't seem to bother them one bit. They couldn't care less about a big blind sitting there in the wide open. Check out for the best blinds out there.

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