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The “Gamer” Field Point Target is the ultimate archery target in
price, performance, & pleasure

Lamar, MO – Big Green Targets, the leading manufacturer of archery targets made from 100% recycled materials unveils the new “Gamer” Field Point Target that is unlike any archery target on the market. The 100% recycled material target features two unique “game” target faces designed to create longer target life and add hours of entertainment to your shooting and measures 20 x 20 x 13 inches.

High definition screen-printed front and back target faces provide remarkably sharp and crystal clear graphics. The front face of the archery target has variable size shooting spots that highlight different point values along with a deer skull allowing archers to create exciting competitive games while honing their shooting skills. The back face of the archery target has a screen-printed dartboard that offers shooters the opportunity for creating endless hours of shooting fun.

Like every Big Green Target, the “Gamer” features a proprietary design consisting of a heat bonded, layered closed-cell foam outer core filled with recycled fabric that is designed to stop blazing fast arrows, they are also built with arrow ease-of-removal in mind to ensure an enjoyable shooting experience. The “Gamer” Target is Crossbow Rated to 350FPS.

“Gamer” Field Point Target Specs:
● Measures a full 20 inches tall by 20 inches wide and 13 inches deep (20 x 20 x 13)
● Crossbow Rated to 350 FPS
● Weighs approximately 25 pounds
● Suggested Retail $89.99

About Big Green Targets
Big Green Targets, a division of Poly-Green Foam, LLC is the premier supplier of recycled foam archery targets. For more information on Big Green Targets or the products they offer call (888) 390-5548 or visit


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