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Big Man Safety Harness???

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Can anyone out there recommend a safety harness for someone big...I have the harness that came with my API Supreme Magnum but with huting clothes on in the winter will probably not fit. 6"4" and 300 lbs and need one that is really adjustable and has good weight capasity...anyone help me with this?:confused:
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someone makes one that is a vest with the harness sewn in, I've seen it on the outdoor channnel, I'll do some research for you. Its reversible too----orange on one side and camo on the other----but I just can't remember its name or manufacturer..maybe someone will read this and know its name, not much help am I?
I have seen these. Cabelas has one, Rockey ect... but the ones I find have a capcity of about 250lbs.
no I beleive the one they show on tv boasts 300 or above, not the same ones in cabelas
Four point safety harness

Check with Summit Tree Stands, best harness the Seat-O-The-Pants comes in extra large. I am 6' weigh 260 and use the large one. They will have one that fits you too. I have a hunting buddy that weighs in at over 350 and he purchased one and is very happy with it. Good Luck!!! and Safe hunting.
This may not look as safe as you may want, but talk about convinant and quiet. I love it. I'm 6'4" and 240lbs
My fingers must be drunk today or disabled, lets try this again without all the dots

www.huntersafetysystem. com

no more
never mind, just type it in. I'm stupid today or something. I don't need to drive
Thanks for all the input...and sorry for the slow responce. Have been gone on vacation and just now back to looking on here. Will look at the options...thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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