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Black-Out 2009 Scepter Full setup pictures

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My bow. Still need black v bar weights... I'm working on it.


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Red and black, but mostly black... would be pretty good looking setup too.

Gilles has 17 red bows? I thought he had more. Hm. For me to get the red scepter would have meant having the flames version. Having flames on my stuff makes me feel like a *******. A bit of a personal complex I have I suppose. Altough, someday if I'm to get married, it would be cool to drive off from the church in a rusted out hemi-powered limo jacked up on monster truck tires thats pulling a combonation of several empty 5 gallon paint pails and 55 gallon steel toxic waste drums....... Might get a few looks from that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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