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Black Widows-Worth it or not?

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I've been bit by the traditional bug and have been looking into which bow to buy. Are the Black Widows worth their price? Do you get what you pay for? I love the looks of their bows,but looks doesn't make it a shooter! Help me.....
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When I decided to get a Black Widow it was primarily based on looks but what sold me COMPLETELY was their reputation based on the research I did.

I love the shape of them over any other bow but I have seen prettier bows in regards to wood combonations such as Acadian and Blacktail but once you shoot a bow that has AMAZING stability, performance, speed and quietness it can become the most beautiful bow in the world...and THAT is EXACTLY what happened when I started shooting my DAS.

If a person has the money to invest in a hobby or sport they KNOW they are going to LOVE and stick with, I see no problem putting up the money to buy something you will be completely happy with based on looks, research and reputation.

Ray ;)
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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