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Blacktail and Bob Lee

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A quick question to those who have tried both TD versions. Giving the choice, which one would you choose, and why?

Blacktail Elite TD or Bob Lee Signature Elite TD.

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My go to bow is a Bob Lee actually have two risers amd many limbs.Have never shot a blacktail.In my opinion they will probably be about equal in speed and feel but the Blacktail looks better with more options and cost more so therefore the BL will cost less with less options.I have a beautiful elite bubinga and micarta with the colors reversed and an older grey and tan (not real pretty) scaled down riser Bob Lee I bought used for a spare and I grab it more often than the expensive one just feels better in my hand.Go figure I find the grip on the BL are better than many bows I have tried but I have small hands. Kip
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