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Blazer vane noob question.

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Hey all,

I've been wondering what the real difference between different vanes is.

I have never used anything but the standard Goldtip fletching, I believe it's the standard straight 4" vane.

I have been curious about trying out 2" Blazer vanes, I was wondering what to expect from changing to them.

Also, is there a prefered type of fletching or vane for my local outdoor range and some hunting?

If it matters if I shoot a 06 Ultratec @ 60#

Thanks guys! :tongue:
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I like the blazers better because it flys a broadhead more stable IMO. However I have a dozen goldtips and 6 are fletched with 4 inch vanes while the other 6 are with blazers. All my arrows will group together. Its just whatever a fellow prefers
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