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Blazer Vane ?

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Hello, I am wanting to order some of the newer version of the blazer vanes and have a question. I have found some that have the logo on one side and some that have the logo on both sides. Which one of these is the latest version that is suppose to have the newer concave base for better adhesion? I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
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All the newer ones I've bought have had the logo on both sides and they have the concave base...For as much hate as Blazers have got in the past I think the new ones are awesome..They glue up great for me now days and fly great, I've been shooting AAE MaxHunters the past couple of years because of the crappy quality control on the Blazers and how they seemed to change all the time but now with the newer ones "and some testing" I'm gonna shoot Blazers again this year. I do them 4 fletch, I think 4 of them control broadheads a little bit better.
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