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Dear Members,

I am running for re-election for USAA’s Board of Directors, (Grassroots, Collegiate) and I’d like to take this opportunity to expound on the brief statement included with the ballots.

I’ve chosen to run for re-election for many reasons. The primary is no different from my original reasons 2 years ago. I have a passion for our sport and the young men and women who support collegiate archery. Be it varsity or club status, I understand and respect the commitment this takes. To that end, I want to ensure that knowledge and experience are in the room when decisions are being made that effect us all. This knowledge and experience are exactly what I've gained as a member of the Board over the last two years.

Just to make sure everyone understands, while each Director is elected by a specific constituency group, the purpose is to make sure there is adequate knowledge of that group among the Board members and in decision making. We are NOT representatives of said group. This requires a delicate yet firm position as we are charged with doing what is best for USA Archery as a whole. Ideally, what is best for a specific group should translate into what is best for the sport, but this is not always the case. Often, we fall under great scrutiny and criticism for our actions. But, now that I have been on both sides (keeping in mind, I never cease to be a member), I can honestly say that I am well suited to continue to serve on the Board.

USA Archery has so much potential going forward. I believe we have only begun to lay the groundwork for steady growth in the near and distant future. We’ve made great strides these past two years. Being in the room, being part of those discussions and votes put me in a unique position to pick up where I left off without slowing the pace of progress. Change is hard, but it is also inevitable. As we have seen, FITA is making radical changes to our sport. They are serious about putting archery at center stage. USAA cannot fall behind in this march. I have served on several international teams in the past three years and have taken this opportunity to meet with my peers from around the world. I have a solid understanding of where we stand and a vision of where we must go. Collegiate archery in the US is strong, growing and deserves to be considered in any decisions as we move forward.

My background has exposed me to many professional fields and the associated people. In my early years, I spent 15 years as a music producer and recording engineer. I left that industry for a more stable family life and became a Certified Apple Computer Technician. I later combined these two traits to develop, design, build and install professional digital audio systems for artists, including Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, and Bjork, and for companies, including XM/Sirius Radio, NBC (including a system for the 2000 olympics) and MTV. While technical in nature, all of my careers are in essence customer service based and require excellent interpersonal skills to be successful. I believe this has a lot to do with the respect and camaraderie I have with my fellow Directors and so many of you.

Simply put, I care. I’ve raised a son who was very active in JOAD archery. I have served as the Head Coach of the Columbia University Women’s Varsity Archery Team since 2004 and the volunteer Coach for the Co-Ed club on campus since the later half of last season to present. I host numerous camps and clinics throughout the year as well as coach certification courses. Archery is my professional life and I love what I do. By voting for me, you will be voting for someone who will always put you first in with integrity, honesty openness and professionalism.

Thank you for your consideration.

Derek Davis
Head Coach
Columbia University
Women's Archery Team
3030 Broadway
Dodge Fitness Center MC-1924
New York, NY 10027
212-854-5156 office
347-623-8539 mobile
212-854-7397 fax
[email protected]
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