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Bodoodle out of business????

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I dont know if this is true but this is what i have heard?? i dont know if my buddies are pulling a mean joke on me or what?? I love the pro lite!!
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uhhmmm? not be a smart butt, but dude where u been?

Bodoodle has closed their doors now for several months. :confused:
My favorite's the Pro Lite too. I'm seeing fewer and fewer of them for sale in either new, or used. Still some new ones here and there, but the sources are starting to dry up. A real shame. The Bodoodles are unique in design and quite excellent.
I still have a few Pro Lites - maybe 5 or 6.:)

Very sorry to see this happen.:cry:
I read on another thread that the owner passed away....and his daughter is selling or sold the company's equipment and stock to another company.

Bodoodle made good rests. I have a Zapper 400.
Bodoodle Rests

Smithfield Archery, in Ft.Worth Texas, still has a very large selection of Bodoodles. You can contact the owner, Rhonda Wallace, at 817-759-2220 if you are interested in buying one.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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