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My dad just got a horton 150 legend hd with 3 aluminium 20" bolts. We both love shooting it. I have been searching the web for 20" carbon bolts but my question is I am A vertical bow shooter (be nice I dont bash horizontal archers) so when I buy arrows I make sure spine is correct. (tip weight, draw and poundage of bow and so on) I have recently noticed from various dealers and manufactures for bolts that there is no info on spine, bow poundage sizing chart etc. So what I am seeing is that a 20" bolt fits all 20" crossbows regardless of tip weight, poundage, draw lenght. That doesnt make sense to me please shed some light on this. Thanks

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good question

I have many brands of crossbow arrows, all differnt weights and spines,

some of there web sites offer that information, crossbows today are so diverse in poundage, and speeds, they all shoot good, just sight in with what you hunt with is my only advise,

follow manufacters advise to weight and stick with it to avoid damage,
with your horton 150 most all 20 inch arrows will work fine, but hortons arrows are good made for that cb, and are easy to find, and if you use the horton multi reticle scope will drop right into the bullseye
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