Up for sale is a 17” tempest in great shape and two sets of medium cv9-h limbs. One set is 38# fully wound in and the other set is 42# fully wound in. The 42# set are marked 40# at 5 turns out. The 38 lb set is marked fwi. Any marks on the limbs are pictured. One set has some marks from removing limb savers and the other has a spot where the finish started flaking off and it was covered up with super glue. Even though both limbs are cv9’s, they shoot completely different from one another. The 42 lb limbs handle like hex 9’s and the 38 lb. handle more like a conventional limb. They still smooth out at the end of the draw but it’s more linear. I really like the way they feel. Selling because I just don’t like ilf or the metal riser. I have two wood riser ch’s that I shoot more often. Price is shipped to your door in conus PayPal. Each comes with a d97 string and a ff+ string. The grip on the tempest was modified as I was trying to get comfortable with the riser. I didn’t realize it’s 3D printed and it started coming apart so unless your good with the duct tape, it will need to be replaced.