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Bow Case?

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What company makes the best bow case(single bow) for the $$$. The bow will not be on an airline,just in the truck to the woods & back home. The pictures that I see on web sites for cases I think do not look very good. Which case holds up the best (hinges,latches,zippers,handles) is the sturdest(hard cases) best lasting fabric(soft cases)

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I am in the process of modifying my freedom case to give me a little more room. Basically there is a 3/4 to 1" thick piece of styrofoam on both sides so I ripped out the guts to one side and took the styrofoam out and glued the velcro pad back in...I am thinking this should give me enough room for all my stuff, but I won't know until the glue dries and I try it out! I like the compact size and the latches on the SKB freedom case, that is why I am trying to make it work.

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