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Hi all,
I've searched the back threads and cant find one so I thought I would post up and see what everyone had to say.

Needless to say traditional bows present a unique challenge in finding a case to carry them.

Can anyone recommend a case for my 63" Martin Stick??

A multiple bow case would be "totally awesome" as the kids say, but is not a requirement.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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Custom Case

G'day Christa

My wife and I had the same problem to carry our bows. The longest of which is a AMO69 swift wing. We have a number of bows that we like to take to the range and shoot so we decided to get a custom case made. The dimensions of the case are:

L = 65"
W = 20"
H = 3"

The other reason for the custom case isthat we are travelling to an archery shoot and the airline will only carry the bows as stored luggage and they required the bows be stored in a locked case.

It holds 4 bows, up to 48 arrows, shooting accesories for two people and a small tool kit for fletching arrows.

All the best for your search and happy shooting :)


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Bow cases


Just in case you have not found an appropriate case for your Martin Stick here is a link to some musket cases that will work well IMO. These are good quality cases (I use them for my CW muskets) and the 66" model will easily accomodate two longbows. Kathy Kelly cases are also good, but will cost more....Lancaster Archery Supply should have them.
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