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I have a Golden Eagle Reaper that was given to me. My girlfriend wants to get into bow hunting. The bow belonged to a friend of mine and it is the same riser as my Fred Bear Mossy Oak 32.

It has a fixed draw length of 29". She is between a 25" and 26" draw pending release aid or not and pulls about 37-41 #'s

Escalade Sports makes a module that will allow my Fred Bear to go to a 25" draw. I am thinking about trying to order the same cam and wheel that is on my bow with the reducing module, so she can use this bow for hunting. She has never hunted before and doesn't want to spend alot of money on a bow IF she doesn't like hunting (bet she will though!) We can always buy something later that will fit her better.

The Reaper is about 3" longer on the ATA height than mine and the limbs less curved than mine.

Does anyone out there think that this may work? I need some advice before I get into spending money on this for cams, string and cable ( if a custom one needs to be made).

I have a shop here that takes in trades and sells used bows. Just wondering if I am trying to do something that is not worth it. Please, any custom bow makers with insight reply to this post.....

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