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Bow Doctor+ 3RD Axis Adjustment+ Form Tutoring = 3 in groups at 85 yards

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The short version...Make sure that your bow sling isnt too tight...set your third axis on your sight if you have it...adjust your bow to you...follow through straight back...dont die on the shot on your bow hand

My Saturday started as usual with some warm up shooting at my local range with my AM35 which I changed to 72 pounds and added 25 grains of arrow weight (442 T.A.W.)..

I realized that my groups were drifting at longer yardages and I wondered why.

I shoot bullets through paper and slap arrows together at 25 and 35 yards. Was 3 inches left at 45 and further off at 55.

Took my bow to the bow doctor Tom Jeffreys to see what he could do. He started by checking my tune as he shoots and noticed right off that my sling was too tight. His shot showed nock high on the paper. Passed the bow back to me and shooting without the sling...bullet hole. I loosened the sling.

We then crono-ed the new set-up and the bow now shoots 287.

He took me outside to observe the flight and realized that my follow through was out to the left and my bow arm died as the shot went off. I worked on form but the bow was still shooting left at 45 yards.

He then noticed that I have a natural cant to my shooting form that I couldnt clean up. Or making the bubble level makes for an uncomfortable posture for me. He set the 3rd axis on my twilight hunter and I left the shop to go back to the range.

All groups shrinked and when I got to my furthest range 65 yards...the groups were so tight that I wanted to shoot a little further.

So shooting between my last pin and the bubble level 75 yards...2-3 inch group twice.

Then 5 groups straight at 85 yards all within 3 inches. My little brother recorded the last session two arrows touching and two about 2 inches from those to the left and right.

I said to him that you guys wouldnt believe me.
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