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Bow Fishing Arrows and Nock Issues

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Hey guys,
I been bowfishing for about 4 years now and i have always came across this problem with my arrows. I have been shooting fiberglass arrows with the stock "red" nocks that they are issued when you purchase them. The problem is that the grove in the knock for the string is too large compared to the string, therefor the arrow falls off the string when you pull back alot of times. I corrected this by heating the nock, and slowly closing the gap. This works well until the nock breaks due to the I weakened the molecular structure of the plastic for the way i heat it. Any way. Is there other types of nocks out there that accept a compount bow string, instead of the tradition recurve. If not I will go toward the carbon arrons, since they resort to the "normal style" nock. I looked at the adapters for fiberglass where you can put a insert nock on, but that seems like a faulty design because it would hit the rest. Any ideas would help!
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Why not just serve the string thicker on your fishing bow?
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