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Some good things to look for are a grip that feels good. Also, a solid back wall is important when learning because it will help her be more consistent.

If you can find a bow with an adjustable draw length, that will give her some room to experiment and find what really fits her best. A wide range for draw weight is good, too. Too long of a dl or too heavy of a dw can cause injury- be sure she is set up properly.

Don't worry about speed! A more forgiving bow will be better to start with- shooting just isn't any fun if you can't hit anything.

The most important thing is that SHE needs to choose it. Let her shoot as many as she can get her hands on, regardless of brand name or price just so that she can get an idea of what's available.

And have fun- make a day (or a few days) of it, and be careful not to overload her with too much technical information at once. If you can, sit down and let the shop guys help her without your own preferences influencing her.
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