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i have a 2009 Bow madness MC i bougth brand new in 2009

I have recently stripped the riser and painted it white and clear coated it about 10 times.
The paint job is no means professional but does look damn good for the $10 i have into it. (one run near grip but you have to look hard, i could even get it to show up up in pics

Where the limb pockets are the paint did come off a little bit of the lower part of the riser because the paint was so thick.
(included picks of both top and bottom)

small nick on riser (pictured)

White riser/Black limbs
50-60lb limbs
adjustable draw
red eye peep
Stock strings came off stock 2011 BM...good condition

Possible sight and rest inlcuded for right trade
sight is older sword
rest is BRAND NEW limbdriver

looking for:

Must be 29"
New Breed
LCA EZ green press

possible partial trades

stan shootoff + cash
higher end thumb release + cash

bottom of riser

Top of riser
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