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Bow Maniac Stabilizers Help ????

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Can somebody please help me find out how I can get one of these stabilizer they are beautiful looking and hopefully they work as good as they look. And kind of info would be nice.

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I attempted to order a new stabilizer last December from Buddy. My new Hoyt came in the end of February and he still had not started on the stabilizer. Both Pro shops here in town have been unable to reach him lately. Don

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Here is some information I found in past posts regarding the Bowmaniac stabilizer your searching for.

Yes, they are still in business.
Richard Pintcke
(859) 925-9744
[email protected]


The owner:
Buddy Legate
(561) 741-0445

I hope you can get hold of someone who can put you in touch using one of these numbers. I love the one I have but haven't been using it a lot lately.
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