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Has anybody had a chance to put a DB meter on their bow? If so what were the results.

I used one to measure my stock Bowtech MightyMite... Here are the readings I got.

On the draw with a stock quick tune 1000: 40 db (measured at one ft)

Shots measured from 1 ft from the bow: 80 db

Shots from 10 ft from the bow: 71 db

I wanted to try the differant "silencers" to see what ones did best but didnt have the time.

Has anyone did a study of the sorts? It would seem that inquiring minds would want to know.

here is a rundown on human hearing

0 - Sound proof room, threshold of hearing.
10 - Rustle of leaves in a breeze.
20 - Whisper (side note: a whisper on my tester got 40-45 db from 1 ft)
30 - Quiet conversation
40 - Conversation at home (side note: my tester got up to 60 db from 10 ft away)
50 - Typical outside conversation
60 - Noise in a large shop
70 - City street
80 - Noisy office with typing (you need to raise your voice)
90 - Underground railway train passing
100 - Pneumatic Drill at 3 m
110 - Prop aircraft taking off
120 - Jet aircraft taking off - threshold of pain.

For relevance I can "snap" my fingers and reach 70 db. If I do a loud, hard snap I can reach a little over 80 db.

TeeBOY... quite interesting...I would like to see this type of measurement for other bows as well!!:) ...

...good post!!...


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There's a toy I don't have yet.

Let us know where you could get such a device.

Radio shack maybe?

Great post.

How many decibles do I produce when crying after a miss? I'm sure it's a bunch.:D
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