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I need to get a new bowsting for my 2003 reflex gamegetter. Anybody know of a good dealer at a good price. :)
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Give my dear friend Shel at ProStrings a call. His phone number is: 320-679-2843 and check out his prices. He makes a Super Quality String and Cable setup that will last a long time with virtually Zero Stretch!
If you order from him remember to ask for a FREE GPR Accessory kit to go with your strings and cables.

[email protected]


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i'd be glad to set you up with a set of custom made strings and cables from schlief's archery.................

custom made from BCY 8125..........

made to your specs..........

your custom colors..........

PM me if you have any questions.......

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I use Vapor Trail TS-1, and will until something better comes out.

Before the TS-1, I used Winners Choice 8125, before that 450+, and 452. I've been using Vapor Trail TS-1 for months now, shooting + /- 100 arrows a day. That means I've fired several thousand arrows thru this set of strings so far, and they are still looking new! String stretch is minuscule, and price of the strings and cables are about the same as a set Zebra strings. There is no extra charge for the colors of your choice, the servings are coated & served extremely tight, and your order is shipped the next day.

If Vapor Trail did charge as much as Winners Choice (they don’t, not by a long shot), I would still be buying the Vapor Trail. It is just a superior set up.

Compare the quality of both strings, and then look at the difference in prices between them. In my opinion “Vapor Trail” is a better product, at a much better price. These are some of the reasons I say this:

(1) Both come with very tight servings, nicely done!
(2) The string colors are vivid on both however; “Winners Choice”, will charge you an extra fee for custom colors of your choice. With “Vapor Trail” there’s never an extra charge for “Your Colors”.
(3) Vapor Trail strings are shipped the day after you order. Winners Choice, who knows?
(4) With “Vapor Trail” you will save on average 35-40 dollars per order.
(5) Generally speaking, TS-1 string material will send arrows downrange 4-8 fps faster than factory, more so for “Hoyt” & “Parker”

There are a lot of benefits in ordering Vapor Trail, but I’m sure you’ll find that out yourself.

Winners Choice does make a good product, but they charge far too much for their strings (While Vapor Trail depends on "word of mouth", W.C. spends BIG BUCKS for its advertising). If you have an old “Winners Choice” string lying around, or you have a friend who has one, compare it to a “Vapor Trail” string. You will see why I speak so highly about “Vapor Trail”.

These strings are a cut above in every way.

Vapor Trail’s phone # 1-800-310-8110


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Trophy Bound Custom Strings.............

Give Jay a call at Trophy Bound. Great guy with great strings at great prices. Tell him Greg Beaman sent ya! Visit him at

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There are a ton of great bow string makers out there as you can see! I have had great luck with Stone Mountain and woudl highly recommend them to anyone. They make the high end Dakota (Prestretched) which is an awsome string & they also make the T2 Twist (not Prestretched).

Here is a link to Stone Mountains web site.

If you go to you can pick up a Dakota solo cam string for $35.95 & a buss cable for $27.95.

Happy New Year, I wish you the best of luck finding that perfect set of strings for your bow!
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