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With the bowhangers like Primos and Realtree, can these bowhangers be trusted to support a bow staright out from a tree around 20-24in?

Just curious as I always used a cradle type holder on the front of my stand, but my other bow does not fit? Was thinking of trying a bowhanger but would want it positioned above my head where the bow is in front of me. Which would require about 20-24in of a straight postioned bowhanger, but really have to question the security? Can't amagine the bow weight out in front causing leverage at the screw in attachment holding, or if I'd trust it?

Anyone set one up like this? Are they sturdy enough and trust worthy?
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This is the new bow holder from Bow Jaws. They use a square plate at the end of the screw so it supports the holder against the tree once the screw is all the way into the tree.
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This is the Universal that detaches from the screw in base that works with the platform tree stand base and the ground blind base.
Metal Handle

Platform Tree Stand bow holder

Ground Blind bow holder--same square base so it won't tip over
Compound bow

Go to there website and take a look
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