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This group may have been discussed in here before, and if so, it won't hurt to bring them up again. There is a lot of infighting among hunters and that could very well hurt all of us in the fight against the antis. We fight over crossbows, baiting, hunting deer with dogs, high fence hunting etc. And you know what? We can continue to fight among ourselves over these issues and noone needs to change his mind about anything. But when it comes to fighting anti-hunters we all need to present a united front against them. We can go our seperate ways if we come together on this one issue.

My issue is usually crossbows. I like em. Lots of guys don't. I contacted the BRC. Here is my original message and their response:

I am interested in joining the Bowhunter Rights Coalition, but I need
some more information. Does the BRC exist to protect the rights and freedoms of all bowhunters in all states? Specifically, I live and hunt in Ohio
with both a compound bow and a crossbow, and I know that many of the national bowhunting organizations while fighting against antihunting groups also work to fight the expanded use of crossbows and even eliminate their use
where they are currently legal. Please provide me with any information you
have about the BRC or refer me to a place where I can find it.

Thank you,


Here is their response:

Tim: I appreciate your email and your frankness. In short, the BRC was
formed to fight anti-hunters who have and continue to target bowhunters.

The BRC takes no stand on methodology or implements. State wildlife
agencies ultimately decide what implements, hunting techniques, etc. to
use and not use. We work with them to protect their science-based
decision making authority but how they use this authority is at their

I believe that bowhunters, of which I am one, should be involved with
local, state and national groups to protect our hunting rights. The
USSA works every day to protect those rights. I believe it is the best
"bang for your buck" as the attached article states.

Please feel free to call me with more questions or comments. Thanks
again. DJ

Doug Jeanneret
Vice President of Marketing
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
801 Kingsmill Parkway
Columbus, OH 43229-1137
614/888-4868 Ext. 227
Fax 614/888-0326
Cell 614/266-7303
Website ~

Beth Ruth, Associate Director of Communications
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
(614) 888-4868 ext. 214
(614) 216-8191 cell
[email protected]
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This seems like a good group that will present a unified front.

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This is an organization that is part of the United States Sportsman Allience. They fight the anti's all over the country. I know of a case where i told a fellow hunter to call them for a court case involving antis harassing hunters. They called him the next day and sent lawyers to help the prosocution convict the anti's.
This is a great organization to join.

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Join a group in your state and a national one as well ..
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