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Bowtech 2009 Prostaff ???

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Anyone have any ideas when they are going to list who in on staff for 2009? I have spoken with several guys that were on last year and they have not heard anything about this year.

I know they changed the application process and assigned the duties to several persons, but with that I would have still expected to hear of an announcment by now.

So, if anyone has insider knowledge, please post it up :tongue:
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I have a good buddy that was notified 3-4 weeks ago that he was on it. Not sure when the list will come out, but I think everyone was notified.

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The official list will be out sometime next month. Things are changing with the program and should be for the better. Jeff and the rest of the guys at the factory involved are taking a different approach to selecting the staff from the thousand or so applicants.

As far as I know no one has been selected. But there may be a few that have been told word of mouth that they have been selected. None the less it should prove to be another good year for the team.

Good luck to all that have applied.
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