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Bowtech 2023 SS34 problems with the cams system?

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I recently acquired a new SS34 bow, which has been shot less than 100 times. However, like many other SS34 bows, it has an issue with the lower cam system. The problem first manifested as the serving coming loose and separating, resulting in significant wear on the string.

At first, I thought replacing the string would solve the problem, but that turned out not to be the case. I contacted my dealer, who was very helpful, and they contacted Bowtech. Bowtech provided new strings, and once installed, we thought the problem had been resolved. Unfortunately, after shooting a few arrows, the serving began separating in the same place and manner as before. This makes me think there might be a problem with the bow, possibly with the cam.

I'm not sure what to do if it is a cam issue, and I'm hoping Bowtech can fix it if they can. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, have they found a solution? I have other Bowtechs and other brand bows that don't have this issue, so I'm still able to shoot, but it's frustrating. Bowtech is working with my dealer, so I hope they can resolve this soon.

Update: After trying three factory cables, the same issue occurred after 75-100 shots. We're now going to try aftermarket cables, and I'll update again once I know more.

Another update: After trying four cables, we're sending the bow back to Bowtech. Unless all four cables were bad, it's unlikely that the issue is with the cables. I'll update again when the bow comes back from repair.

Final update: The bow has been repaired and is working well. I've shot it over 100 times without any issues. The problem was with the cam, and Bowtech replaced both the top and bottom cams, as well as the string and cables. They also reset the deadlocks to factory settings. I'm very grateful to Bowtech and my dealer for their help in resolving this issue.

Thank you everyone who helped and shared with me.

Okay, this will be my final post on the matter. šŸ˜Š The cables separated once again, and although it required more attempts this time, they eventually came apart again, specifically the lower cam in the same spot. However, I successfully resolved the issue entirely. As some others had suggested, the solution turned out to be installing new aftermarket strings. Yes, it's true! The new strings effectively fixed the problem. I have now taken approximately 500 to 1000 shots, and everything is functioning splendidly. I appreciate the bow, and I am a fan of Bowtech. I own three other bows from them, and my wife uses the Eva Shocky and enjoys it. I do think they could have used slightly better strings, but it is what it is.


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Sure sounds very obvious to me you have a bad cam or not set up correctly. I would insist on a warranty of the cam. That is the only reason your destroying strings that quickly. Should also be obvious to your dealer.
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