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BowTech 82nd Airborn?

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Have a question with about this bow. Didn't know if there were any people out there shooting this or not. Not new to Archery but have been looking at new bows for a little over a year. First time I took a look at BowTech was this afternoon. Wanted to go with Mathews because of the good deals I can get with them but there is a bowtech shop 5 miles from my house. So thought I would look at them today at lunch. Came across this bow and am very interested because I lost my cousin three years ago and he was Ranger Airborne. I was wondering if this bow could be shot with fingers. I shoot with three fingers and my draw is 28". I'm sure I will look at it when I go if they have it in but just was wondering if anyone knew if I would be able to use this bow or not? Thanks for the info... :)
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I think you'll have a hard time using fingers on the 82nd. It's not a forgiving bow with a release, and in my experience fingers don't make a bow more forgiving. Try it out at the shop, though. If you can get it to tune with fingers, you're the man!
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